Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech

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Wedding Portrait of Salvador and Gala Dali - 1958
Photographed by Meliton Casals.



Compote and Fruit. 1956 pencil  







Cubist Study of Figures on a Beach. 1923-25 ink






El Cid, sketch






Alice au Pays des Merveilles 1977
(Alice in Wonderland)




Figures after William Tell. 1932 red and black ink



Dali and art collector Mrs. Lucas





The Bullfighter, (image one)






L'Unicorne, 1977 
(The Unicorn)





Don Quixote and Sancho, 1968  





Lilies of Time





The Young Master Himself said he could remember his birth
and visualize it simply by closing his eyes and rubbing his eye lids.




The Hysterical Arch. 1932 ink




Noblesse du Temps, 1977




The Bullfighter, (image 2)




Persistance de la Memoire, 1980
(The Persistence of Memory)






"Dali" By George Bailey



The Bullfighter, (image 3)





Profil du Temps 1977





At another great Central Florida Theme Park



Saint Georges et le Dragon, 1977






Venus Spaciale, 1977




.Le Cabinet Antropomorphique, sterling silver





The Bullfighter, (number 4 of 5)





Dali working his magic.





Kissing Tulips






The Bullfighter, (5 of 5 in series)




Kneeling Figure: Decomposition. 1951 ink  



Roses of Memory





There Will Never Be Another
Salvador Dali





Dali with completed Endless Enigma








Barracks-Cadaques. 1923 Pencil





Combat. 1955 ink






Soft Watch Exploding. 1954 ink







Dali in Paint





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You may remember the following image as the scull on
the back of the butterfly covering the mouth of Jody Foster,
on the box cover to the movie Silence Of The Lambs. The
actual name of this photograph is Salvador Dali In
Voluptate Mors
, 1944 Photographed By Philippe Halsman




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