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I am 25 year old out-of-school student studying Art and Psychology, in the

hopes to become either an Art Therapist or an Artist. I am currently a

waitress at a small cafe and used to be a pastry chef and cook. I also use a

pen name for almost all of my work- SIMON.

The art work that I have been recently doing involves much more abstract

thoughts and feelings when people look at it. I personally see it as many

deviations of the line. People always ask, "Which way is up?". My response to

them after turning it in all directions that there is no top or bottom

because if you turn it 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees you will see something different at each point.

I hope that you enjoy these pieces. Please contact me and let me know your opinion of the works.

Thank you,

Samantha Castillo  


New Sketch

New Sketch 








Sam Art









(This one is kind of spooky) Sent to us by Medman1516@aol.com




My Life In A Book Shell

By Medman1516@aol.com




Colin Geoffrey Brown is a 21 year old student.

He has been studying art and have only recently considered it a possible career. Mainly his work consists of graphite drawings, charcoal or conte sketches, and rapidograph ink. He also have been working on mural commissions and wood working/restoration projects. Colin also has a web page:







Hand 3

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I can also be reached at eskimobuoy@hotmail.com

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